Michael Mendelevitz is managing director of ESOP Advisors.
On Base: What role do contractors play in base innovation?
Mendelevitz: Outside contracts can bring new and innovative solutions tried and tested in the commercial sector to solve government-specific issues. Contractors are responsible for a range of activities at military installations, from vehicle maintenance and logistics to Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance. They can help introduce efficiencies in warehousing, transportation, repair, overhaul, as well as supply chain management.
On Base: How are defense contractors adapting for the base of the future?
Mendelevitz: Traditional contractors are reorganizing and prioritizing research and development to adjust current tools and build new solutions to meet evolving requirements. At the same time, startups and non-traditional contractors are disrupting the marketplace by challenging traditional practices and providing new insights. This period of challenge must be met with innovation, and our contracting base will help ensure we are up to the task.
On Base: Describe the relationship between the defense industrial base and military communities as you see it.
Mendelevitz: The 10,000-plus member companies of the defense industrial base are a diverse community vital to our economic health and national safety. While jobs in the aerospace and defense sectors are seen positively by the majority of young professionals, only 1.5 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. have a science degree. Defense communities are critical in providing essential workforce development resources for training the next generation of manufacturing employees. In addition to the technical infrastructure ADC communities provide, the warfighter depends upon the output of defense manufacturing communities to defend the nation.
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