A military spouse told lawmakers Wednesday that military housing conditions are so bad “I wouldn’t recommend my own children join the service, and my husband has been a Marine for 12 years.”
Crystal Cornwall was among witnesses in a Senate hearing into reports of widespread problems in privatized military housing, the Washington Post reported, as families described conditions senators called “shocking,” “disgusting” and “toxic.”
More than half of military families have had a negative or very negative experience with privatized housing, according to a Military Family Advisory Network survey out Wednesday that details the experiences of almost 17,000 families across all states.
DOD leaders and contractors said in the hearing that they are dedicated to doing better.
“The Department recognizes we have a moral obligation to military families to provide safe and quality housing, and we take that obligation seriously,” Robert H. McMahon, assistant secretary of defense for sustainment, said according to prepared remarks.
Army leaders announced Wednesday afternoon that they will seek an inspector general’s investigation into the problems.
“We will hold our chain of command and private contractors accountable,” Army Secretary Mark Esper and Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley said in a statement.
Video of the hearing is online, along with statements from military families, DOD officials and executives from Balfour Beatty Communities, Corvias Group, Hunt Military Communities, Americas Lendlease Corp. and Lincoln Military Housing.
Photo by Reuters