Installation commissaries continue to rank highly on a Consumer Reports survey of the country’s best supermarkets, maintaining their ratings with other major consumer goods stores, reported Monday.
The consumer magazine polled 75,000 readers and the Defense Commissary Agency stores were rated in the top 10% of grocery stores, competing with Costco and regional groceries such as Publix and Fareway.
DOD commissaries received an overall survey rating of 86, bumping up a point from 2017.
Survey respondents evaluate the stores on cleanliness, prices, prepared food items, checkout rates, customer service and the quality and range of goods.
Commissaries received excellent scores for pricing, cleanliness and international offerings. They also received high marks in checkout speed, meat and poultry quality, and the quality of store brands.
The stores received “fair” ratings for availability of locally sourced foods.
Defense Commissary Agency photo by Nancy O’Nell