Congress has agreed to provide $400 million in funding to repair storm damage from Hurricane Florence last September, Military Times reported.
Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller announced the funding on Twitter Friday saying it would go to repair family housing and other structures.
“We have received word that Congress has agreed with the administration’s request to reprogram $400 million to help Marines and their families recover from damage inflicted my Hurricanes Florence and Michael,” he wrote.
Marine officials also said Friday that that about two-thirds of the funding would go to roof and interior building repairs on the base, with the remainder used for external infrastructure repairs including flight lines, fences and training roads.
Neller had warned Congress that without the repair funding, the Marine Corps would have to use its existing budget to pay for repairs, impacting readiness. Neller said the $400 million in funding is a down payment on the $3.5 billion necessary for full storm recovery.
Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ethan Green