The Department of Veterans Affairs is at the forefront of digital medical technology innovation in providing telehealth services to veterans, reported Wednesday.
The VA now has the largest telehealth organization in the country. In fiscal 2018, the VA for the first time passed more than 1 million annual telehealth patient visits, according to the report.
More than 393,000 veterans have used video technology for in-home prescription monitoring, checking in with primary care teams and consulting with specialists.
More than 780,000 veterans used one of the VA’s three telehealth features during more than 2.2 million interactions to access clinical care in more than 50 medical specialties.
The telehealth success largely is attributed the VA’s August 2017 “Anywhere to Anywhere” initiative, a program to provide veterans unprecedented access to care across the U.S. The program included a VA telehealth app allowing patients to participate in virtual appointments remotely with providers.
More than 100,000 virtual appointments have been conducted to date.
Navy photo by Douglas Stutz