With Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan’s announced nomination as the Pentagon’s top chief, a 200-day confirmation window begins.
Here is a short roundup of what key players have to say about the nomination:

  • Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Chairman, Armed Services Committee:

“We need a confirmed leader at the Department and, after working with him closely over the last few months, I welcome his selection. I look forward to talking with him…about how we can work together to implement the National Defense Strategy.”

  • Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Armed Services Committee:

“As Acting Secretary, Pat Shanahan has demonstrated that he is capable of managing the needs of our armed forces and protecting our national security. I look forward to working with him to advance the interests of Mississippi’s military installations, suppliers, and industrial base.”

  • Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Armed Services Committee:

“[Shanahan] may be the least qualified nominee for Secretary of Defense…during my time in the Senate.”

  • Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), Ranking Member, Armed Services Committee:

“Today, the United States faces an unprecedented spectrum of serious threats. Facing those threats requires a new kind of thinking and a Pentagon that is more efficient and agile. Pat Shanahan has proven his willingness and ability to take on important reforms at DOD.”

  • Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), Ranking Member, Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee:

“[Shanahan is] a reform-minded & forward-leaning leader and the right man for the job of rebuilding and wisely modernizing our military. I look forward to continuing our work together. Great pick by @POTUS!”
DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando