A consortium of private utility systems owners has launched a new military-private utilities advocacy organization. Utilities Privatization Partners (UPP) represents operators from across the water, wastewater and electricity industries, according to a recent press release.
The Washington-based group was formed by 12 private utility organizations and represents more than 100 utilities privatization projects. It plans to advocate for the evolution and expansion of utilities system partnerships with military installations.
DOD authorized the Utilities Privatization Program in 1997, allowing installations to privatize their water, wastewater and electricity utilities. The program also gives installations greater access to local private utilities’ expertise, experience and advanced technology.
UPP said its mission is to promote the results and benefits of utility privatization through education, information and engagement. Its emphasis will be on increasing utility systems’ reliability and performance, according to the release and the group’s website.
Army Corps of Engineers photo by Rick Brown
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