Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Robert McMahon addressed the 2019 Defense Communities National Summit Tuesday in a morning question-and-answer session.
Below are a few highlights of McMahon’s remarks:
On the Defense Community Infrastructure Program: “Conceptually it’s a very important program,” McMahon said. “If the funding is made available, then the question is how to go execute. There are infinite projects and a finite amount of money. It’s a DOD program that will be pursued if the funding comes through.”
On Military Housing: “We need to look at military housing from a broad view of how we provide housing for all service members and in individual communities,” McMahon said. “Right now we’re focusing the those who live in privatized housing on installations. I agree with what Senator Inhofe said earlier that we ‘took our eye off the ball.’ I’m also proud of the military families that came forward and brought the attention to it that it deserves.”
On BRAC: McMahon emphasized that in the current budget environment there are no new planned BRAC rounds, but that could change in the future. “You can make difference by talking to your garrison and installation commanders,” McMahon said. “What are you doing today to make sure you’re a gainer?” Thinking of things you can do to help installations is essential.”
On ADC: “Thank you for what you do for your military installation and the support you provide to service members and families,” McMahon said. “If you have a military installation in your community, it’s important to remember it’s a privilege, not a right. Remember that it’s a competitive environment so you need to make the effort to do it right.”
ADC photo by Will Noonan