Navy spouses are now allowed to apply for relicensing and recertification costs of up to $500 for each military change of station relocation, Military Times reported.
The Navy’s new reimbursement program, now in line with the reimbursement policies of the other services, allows payment for some relicensing and recertification costs in spouses’ professions after relocation to a new state due to a permanent change of station.
The program is also retroactive, applying to costs incurred with PCS orders received on or after Dec. 12, 2017.
The reimbursements are part of a pilot program authorized in the fiscal 2018 NDAA. In May, the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps announced their new reimbursement programs, as On Base has reported.
Military spouse relicensing or recertifications apply to a long list of professions including doctors, attorneys, accountants, teachers, nurses, dental hygienists, hairdressers and more. Requirements and costs vary by state and professional and relicensing and recertification applications can incur major costs.
In a separate relicensing/recertification relief effort, the nonprofit Army Emergency Relief will provide a grant or interest-free loan to spouses up to an additional $2,000 for reimbursement costs when relocating to a new state.
The $2,000 reimbursement will be in the form of a grant, which doesn’t have to be paid back, or interest-free loan, depending on the family’s financial situation.
Photo credit Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jim Remington