The Senate has confirmed Air Force Gen. John Raymond to become the commander the newly established U.S. Space Command, The Hill reported.
Raymond, who currently serves as the commander of Air Force Space Command, will be performing a dual role for both the Air Force space mission and as the new chief of the separate Space Command.
The administration is forming the U.S. Space Command as a broader move to increase the military’s focus on space as it seeks a new “Space Force” as a sixth military branch, according to the report.
The Senate’s approved version of its fiscal 2020 NDAA and the House version that will be considered this month include provisions creating a new military branch for space. However, there are differences between the two versions that will need to be reconciled.
Raymond will remain chief of the Air Force Space Command for at least one more year while also leading the new combatant space command, which is expected to begin forming this year, according to Air Force Magazine.
The Pentagon’s 2020 budget request sought $83.8 million for a U.S. Space Command. The request includes funding for about 643 military and civilian personnel who will transfer from the U.S. Strategic Command to establish the new space command.
Air Force photo by Andy Morataya