One of the reasons coronavirus spreads so easily is its transmission through aerosolized droplets.

Range Control maintenance workers at William Beaumont Army Medical Center on Fort Bliss, Texas have been helping to construct a simple and cost-effective method for protecting health care workers on the front lines.

The COVID-19 Airway Management Isolation Chamber (CAMIC) is constructed from PVC piping and plastic sheeting, which provides a “box-like frame” to be placed on a patient’s head during COVID-19 treatment, according to a DoD press release.

The FDA recently reached out to Fort Bliss to construct 40 additional CAMIC devices.

“The CAMIC is the perfect solution. You can put anyone on a [Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure device] or any kind of high-flow nasal device and completely wall it off, and prevent them from getting intubated and help them get better and not spread the disease to everybody else,” said Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Eric Weber, the chief medical officer of William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

Photo by Amabilia Payen, Army