While the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff briefed President Donald Trump on a plan to withdraw 9,500 American troops from Germany, the House Armed Services Committee debated an amendment in the annual defense bill which would block the Pentagon’s plan for troop reduction.

“The proposal that was approved not only meets the President’s directive, it will also enhance Russian deterrence, strengthen NATO, reassure Allies, improve U.S. strategic flexibility and U.S. European Command’s operational flexibility, and take care of our service members and families,” said Chief Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman in a tweet on Monday.

Hoffman further said that Pentagon leaders will be briefing congressional defense committees in the coming weeks, as well as consultation with NATO allies.

Currently there are no details regarding when troops will be redeployed or where they will transfer, according to a report by Military Times.

Approximately 34,500 troops are currently stationed in Germany.

Meanwhile Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona sponsored an amendment which would block DoD funds authorized in the NDAA to reduce troops in Germany, CQ reports.

“The amendment gives us an opportunity to really be able to reevaluate in a proper amount of time what our force posture should be in eastern Europe,” said Rep. Gallego.

The committee has not yet voted on the amendment.

Photo by U.S. Army