Incoming first lady Jill Biden announced plans to reintroduce the Joining Forces initiative, a program that supports veteran and military families that was started by herself and former first lady Michelle Obama in 2011.

The three primary areas that the initiative focuses on is employment, wellness and education. This includes pushing for veteran and spouse hiring as well as improving state licensure programs, Stars and Stripes reports.

“I know the love and strength and resilience that makes this community so unique, and it’s such a joy to be a part of it, and a privilege really have the chance to serve it,” said Jill Biden in a virtual announcement along with a variety of military family organizations.

The announcement also introduced Rory Brosius, the military families engagement leader appointed by the Biden transition team. Brosius would also potentially become the new executive director of Joining Forces.

“This is my community, and it’s one I care deeply for. The world has changed since Joining Forces started in 2011. And I know that we have work to do to make sure that we are as timely and as targeted as we need to be. I take my mandate and our bias for action very seriously,” said Brosius.

Photo by Cpl. Victor Corro