Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced the publication of the 2021 Florida Military Friendly Guide, which provides an overview of the state’s benefits and policies for service members and military families.

Sections of the guide dispense information including Florida’s protections for service members, information on license portability, educational benefits for military families, and other state provided resources and agencies serving the population.

A new program launched in this year’s publication includes the Governor’s Salute our Soldiers military loan program, launched by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation.

“The Florida Military Friendly Guide reflects Florida’s consistent commitment to our military installations, servicemembers, their families and veterans,” said Governor DeSantis. “As the most military-friendly state in the nation, Florida has the back of the thousands of military and civilian families who live and work in our defense communities. We hope this guide connects our service members with the resources and support they need.”

According to Enterprise Florida, the state hosts Florida boasts the second highest number of military retirees in the U.S., the third largest number of veterans, and the fifth largest number of service members and DOD civilians.

You can find the 2021 Florida Military Friendly Guide here.

Photo By Staff Sgt. Adam Shanks