The administration’s next budget request, for fiscal year 2023, will include more details about DOD’s approach to fighting climate change, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks told Defense News.

“And I am putting a special emphasis in the program review process on making sure that we are making the most that we can of our access to commercial solutions and that we are making those business case decisions where it’s in support of the war fighter,” Hicks said. “These are not ideological issues of climate versus war fighting. This is about ensuring we are resilient and capable for the war fighter of the future.”

Hicks said there will likely be more regulations and executive orders guiding the role contractors play in addressing climate change, but she hinted the administration will look for ways to work with – and not against – the private sector.

“There are also real cases where we’re going to have to protect that innovation base, and there may be some trade-offs there.”

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