Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown last week, sending President Joe Biden a continuing resolution, which he signed just hours before the new fiscal year started. That continues current spending levels through Dec. 3, giving Congress two more months to complete its appropriations work or pass another continuing resolution.

“CRs immediately disrupt major exercises and training events, impede readiness, delay maintenance, impose uncertainty on the workforce, curtail hiring and recruitment actions, and induce inefficient and constrained contracting practices,” Air Force spokesman Capt. Jacob Bailey said recently, as Defense News reported. “CRs delay the implementation of new technology development in support of national security priorities.”

The article said the stopgap bill puts a hold on $8 billion for new equipment, $2.5 bill for operations and maintenance, and $2 billion for personnel.

Without formal appropriations for this fiscal year, the Space Force cannot transfer over hundreds of personnel identified to move from other branches, for example.

Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jaimar Carson Bondurant