The Air Force is reaching out to communities to see if they want to form environmental restoration advisory boards at more than 60 active and closed installations, according to an Air Force press release. RABs “provide a forum for two-way communication between the community and Air Force officials about environmental cleanup work on and around installations,” the release said.

To gauge interest, the Air Force is trying to reach a diverse audience in defense communities by posting on social media, advertising in newspapers, posting fliers, putting up notifications at community centers and even going door to door.

“One of the key aspects of maintaining public trust and meeting our obligations under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program is to nurture effective relations with communities that surround installations where environmental restoration activities are occurring,” said Judy Lopez, environmental management director at the Air Force Civil Engineer Center Facility Engineering Directorate. “The Air Force values the input and collaboration of our communities as we work together to ensure success in these operations.”

Community members who want to serve as RAB members can send an email or call (866) 725-7617.

Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Tyrone Mitchell