The latest episode of America’s Defense Communities | The Podcast looks at the challenge communities face when assessing investment offers near national security sites. It includes discussions from the June 2023 ADC Connect event, “Foreign Investment Near Military Installations and the Role of Defense Communities.”

“The different services are taking slightly different approaches at the moment on how they support this issue,” Jill McClune, U.S. general counsel of Avon Protection Systems and co-chair of ADC’s Federal Outreach and Advisory Council, told episode host Randy Ford. “ADC is working with DOD in hopes of trying to create some clear direction.”

The episode includes insights from McClune, Grand Forks (N.D.) County Administrator Tom Ford, ADC General Counsel George Schlossberg of Kutak Rock, and officials from DOD and other federal agencies.

The next podcast episode features ADC’s one-on-one discussion with Brendan Owens, assistant secretary of defense for energy, installations and environment. Owens discusses DCIP, housing, climate resilience, quality of life and more. To make sure you catch it, subscribe now via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music or wherever you listen to podcasts.