The Army will launch a new merit-based promotion system for enlisted personnel that advances qualified soldiers but will also force out those who fail to meet new standards, reported.
Officials hope to have the system in place by 2021, which would include 90-day advance notice period for all promotions from sergeant to sergeant major, according to the report.
“This is the first major overhaul to our enlisted centralized promotion board in the 50 years we’ve conducted them,” Sgt. Maj. Dan Dailey said. “This change now truly rewards the most qualified soldiers who are seeking advancement instead of simply promoting people based on seniority.”
Soldiers rated below the new standards would be warned that their service could be at risk. If a soldier is deemed “not fully qualified” by a selection board the second time in the same grade, the Army would set a mandatory separation date six months out.
Army photo by Sgt. Leo Jenkins