Officials broke ground late last week on the newly named Bush Combat Development Complex, part of the Army Futures Command (AFC), according to, a Bryan, Texas, daily news publication.
The $130 million complex, named in honor of the late President George H.W. Bush, is one of AFCs partnerships with Texas A&M University and will serve as a command research hub as it looks to accelerate modernization programs through research and technology development, an Army feature story added.
The complex, set to open in June 2021 will focus on research programs such as robotics, assured positioning and navigation and timing, and hypersonic, and direct energy systems.  It will also coordinate research with other universities, according to the Army feature.
It will be located at the RELLIS Campus in Bryan and is also is projected to hold a ballistic, aero-optics and materials area, and serve as a technology innovation and modernization catalyst, report said.
The Army Futures Command, the service’s youngest command, has developed strategic partnerships with hundreds of colleges and universities over the past year.
“We’re leveraging the strength of academics and intellectual freedom to position Army modernization in a way to win the fight before an actual fight,” said Gen. Mike Murray, AFC’s commander.
“The Combat Development Complex will bring together diverse partners from businesses, academia, and most importantly, our soldiers,” Murray said.
AFC also partners with the University of Texas-Austin which is assisting research in robotics and assured positioning, navigation and timing technology for modernized location tools on the battlefield, the Army feature said.
“By testing emerging technology in an operationally relevant environment and with soldiers providing feedback, we can evaluate it early to ensure we’re getting exactly what our troops need in the field,” Murray said.
Forging relationships with universities are part of a “strategic partnership,” Murray added.
Photo credit: Laura McKenzie/The Eagle