At Army Materiel Command’s (AMC) recent summit, senior officials said that in order for the service to maintain readiness today, its Organic Industrial Base (OIB) must build surge capacity and modernize its capabilities.

“We can’t let 20th century processes and systems drive our way of approaching things in today’s 21st century environment,” said AMC’s Commander Gen. Ed Daly. “I need you to keep one foot in the present and one foot in the future, so we can continue to balance our investments.”

Daly discussed the OIB Modernizations Strategy, a $16 billion, 15-year strategy that aims to upgrade processes at ammunition manufacturing facilities.

“We need to look at the right areas to move the OIB into the 21st century,” he said. “It is about getting funding for the right projects, for the right effects.”

AMC’s Executive Deputy to the Commanding General Lisha Adams the importance of workforce planning in developing AMC’s future vision for OIB.

“Just as with your facilities, think about how you are investing to make sure your workforce is ready to meet the Army’s future requirements,” said Adams.

Photo by Mallory Haag