Leaders from the Pentagon and the Environmental Protection Agency reassured lawmakers Thursday that their agencies are doing everything they can to address PFAS-contaminated water.
DOD is maintaining the appropriate levels of the chemicals in on-base drinking water and is now focused on groundwater on installations and in communities, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment Maureen Sullivan told the Senate Public Works and Environment Committee.
“We have been very aggressive to go out and look, where we are the known source [of PFAS contaminants] off the base,” Sullivan said. “And if we are the known source off the base, we are installing treatment systems, hooking homeowners up to municipal treatment systems.”
“We’re going to stay on top of this, and hopefully at the end of the day DOD and EPA will be doing their jobs clearly with the kind of conviction we’re anxious to see and hear,” Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) told CQ after the hearing.
Air Force photo by Airman Jacob B. Wrightsman