The House will vote Tuesday on a continuing resolution that would fund the federal government through Dec. 20 and which includes a yearlong 3.1% pay raise for service members, according to a summary of the bill.
The current CR expires Thursday night. The White House has said the President will sign another short-term CR if it does not restrict authority the White House says lets it move military construction funds to build a border wall.
“We need to review all the details of the CR but are heartened that at first blush it does not appear to contain provisions which impede the President’s ability to pursue his policies or other items which could impair the ability of the President to sign it by Thursday night,” White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland said in a statement Monday, CQ reported.
House and Senate leaders have said they want to complete all 12 annual spending bills by the end of the year. Appropriators are still trying to work out a deal on how much to allocate to each of the 12 bills, especially the non-defense accounts.