Looking to help “bridge the gap” between the Department of Defense, the State of Alabama, military installations throughout the state, The Alabama Military Stability Foundation recently launched an online portal to serve its multiple defense communities.

“The Heroes Welcome Initiative,” launched on July 6, was created to help service members moving to Alabama easily find resources as a “one-stop-shop.”

Resources provided by the website include Quality of Life information specific to each defense community, action steps for license and credentialing, as well as information on top attractions in Alabama.

“We are thrilled to bring this asset to the thousands of military families who will experience a PCS to the State of Alabama,” said  Robert La Branche, Executive Director of the Alabama Military Stability Foundation.

“We built a centralized web application where military families can access a suite of resources and other tools that will ensure they are well-informed, will feel welcomed, and will thrive in their new home state,” said Branche.

Photo by Army Materiel Command