Starting next year construction will begin on 144 new homes, as well as the renovation of 170 homes in New Hammond Height at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

“The recently approved five-year development plan will include new construction, major exterior and interior renovations, as well as demolition of outdated homes,” said Keith Scruggs, interim project director for Campbell Crossing-Lendlease to DVIDS. “This privatized multimillion-dollar project is approved by our Army partner and is funded through Campbell Crossing’s reinvestment account without appropriations from Congress.”

Negotiations between the U.S. Army and Lendlease-Campbell Crossing on the out-year development began in late 2018.

The development of 144 new three- and four-bedroom junior enlisted homes, in addition to the renovations, are expected to be completed by 2023.

“After receiving an initial plan of 50 new homes, the Fort Campbell senior leadership challenged Campbell Crossing to refocus their plan on improving junior enlisted housing,” said  Ted Reece, chief of the Directorate of Public Works-Housing Services Office.

“Knowing that 65% of our homes are pre-1978 vintage and many homes would be approaching 100 years old when our contract with Campbell Crossing expires, we could not continue to renovate.”

Courtesy photo by Fort Campbell Public Affairs