The $43.6 million project, designed by Moffatt & Nichol of Norfolk will be broken into twelve construction phases and expected to be completed by June 2023.

“A perimeter floodwall will be constructed around the dry dock area in order to protect critical facilities, infrastructure and equipment from surge and waves associated with a 100-year storm, and to provide protections from a 500-year flooding event,” said NNSY’s Public Works Officer, Capt. Bill Butler to DVIDs.

The drydock project is part of a $21 billion initiative dedicated to refurbishing the nation’s four public shipyards by modernizing equipment, improving workflow and upgrading dry docks and facilities.

“The permanent floodwall will protect the small docks and their associated facilities, infrastructure, and equipment from flooding from the Elizabeth River. It ensures continuity of operations for the shipyard to effectively complete their mission in support of the Fleet.” said SIOP Program Manager Steve Lagana.

Photo by Shelby West