Congressional appropriators have expressed praise for Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Daniel Berger’s Marine Corps Force Design 2030 initiative, CQ noted. The plan would make the Marine Corps more light, nimble and self-sufficient.

In a report accompanying the fiscal year 2023 spending bill, House appropriators wrote that the committee “supports the ongoing modernization effort and recognizes that such a shift requires substantial adjustments in how the Marine Corps organizes, trains and equips, moving away from traditional platforms in pursuit of a more resilient, forward-deployed posture.”

That bill has not yet been passed by the House.

Language attached to the Senate appropriations bill – which also has not come up for a vote – praised the modernization effort, too.

“In particular, the committee commends the Marine Corps’ budget neutral-approach to Force Design 2030, which serves as an example of disciplined financial management, as well as the Marine Corps’ commitment to a continued campaign of learning.”

Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. David Intriago