Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said the service’s leaders can be engaged on social media but should avoid “inflammatory” posts in favor of messages that “have a broad appeal” to attract potential recruits, she told reporters Monday at the U.S. Army Association conference, The Hill reported.

“When only 9% of kids are interested in serving, we have got to make sure that we are careful about not alienating wide swaths of the American public to the Army,” Wormuth said.

She pushed back against a small number of conservatives labeling the Army as “woke” because of its focus on diversion, equity and inclusion.

“I think ‘woke’ means a lot of different things to different people,” Wormuth said. “If ‘woke’ means we are not focused on warfighting, we are not focused on readiness, [then] that doesn’t reflect what I see at installations all around the country or overseas when I go and visit.”

Army photo by Staff Sgt. Scott Fletcher