House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), poised to be the new House speaker, told reporters he wants to delay further action on the National Defense Authorization Act until Republicans take control of the House.

“I’ve watched what the Democrats have done on many of these things, especially the NDAA – the woke-ism that they want to bring in there,” McCarthy told reporters Tuesday, as Defense News reported. “I actually believe the NDAA should hold up until the first of [the] year – and let’s get it right.”

House Armed Services Committee Chair Adam Smith (D-Wash.) said Wednesday that it’s important to finish the NDAA this year.

“You are damaging the United States military every day past October 1st that you don’t get it done, and certainly more so every day past January [1st],” he said, according to Politico.

The House passed its version of the NDAA on a bipartisan basis. The Senate does not plan a floor vote on its version of the NDAA. Work is under way now on a compromise bill that can pass both chambers in December.

Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Olivia G. Ortiz