A new “Debt Limit Playbook” published by the Republican Study Committee suggests the conservative wing of the House Republican Conference would welcome a return to the Budget Control Act sequestration policies of a decade ago.

“Congress could codify new discretionary statutory spending caps in the wake of the expiration of the Budget Control Act’s (BCA) caps,” the group wrote. “FY 2021 was the final year that BCA spending caps applied. Since then, discretionary spending has increased by 23%. Conservatives could push for a single spending cap on annual discretionary spending that would provide flexibility to ensure adequate national security funding.”

The RSC’s paper sets the group’s position as House Republicans work with the White House on a budget deal that also addresses the looming debt limit crisis.

“The only reckless assumption Congress can make about our nation’s debt crisis is that the status quo is sustainable,” RSC Chairman Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) wrote in the playbook’s introduction.

Air National Guard photo of Rep. Kern by Master Sgt. C.T. Michael