A federal court is now hearing a case about whether the federal government owes Arlington County, Virginia money for land it will use to expand Arlington National Cemetery, as AP reported….

WTHR-TV got an exclusive look at how Camp Atterbury, Indiana is spending $16 million to repair damage to facilities from when the installation housed Afghan refugees. Installation leaders described the damage as incidental “wear and tear” at facilities that are not typically used as long-term family housing….

Bloomberg News checked in on redevelopment efforts at the former Concord Naval Weapons Station, California, which closed in 2008. The city of Concord’s plan for the space calls for 12,000 homes, along with businesses, schools and sporting facilities, but it’s a slow process. “It’s a 40-year project,” said Guy Bjerke, Concord’s director of economic development and base reuse. “We are trying to come up with a master developer who can meet community expectations, which are pretty high, and make the project work financially.”

Bloomberg photo by David Paul Morris