As negotiations continue in hopes of avoiding a default on the nation’s debts, it’s important to remember what the potential outcomes can mean for the military, AEI’s John Ferrari and Charles Rahr write in a Breaking Defense op-ed.

“[I]n the rush to strike a deal, it’s becoming clear that few truly understand the Gordian Knot tying the debt ceiling and national security,” they write. “This isn’t just an economic issue, but one that could send shockwaves throughout the ability of America’s military to execute its mission.”

They argue that a deal should exclude Ukraine aid from any established spending caps, maintain or raise current defense spending levels, and include an “escape hatch” that allows the U.S. government to respond quickly to global and domestic emergencies.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has repeated this week that June 1 is the date after which the U.S. will not be able to pay all its bills without raising the debt ceiling. On the Hill, leaders on both sides are starting to “temper expectations” by signaling neither side is likely to get everything it wants in a deal, The Hill reported.

Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Agustín Montañez